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You kept the clinic running smoothly. You gave each participant the appropriate amount of time and treated everyone fairly. You didn’t seem to judge participants. That created a great learning environment. The 4 hour day X 3 days was perfect for learning. You were easy to hear (good sound system) and your voice projected well. You’re an excellent teacher. Not everyone that knows a lot is. We understood clearly what you were asking us to do and why
— Zoe Wagenaar


There is perhaps nothing more rewarding than developing a relationship with your horse that goes beyond the ropes; Join Madison as she reveals the secrets behind communicating to your horse at liberty! In this clinic, you will learn the necessary exercises to get horses to want to stay with you, come to you, mirror you, and more — all at their own free will!



Learn the foundation exercises Madison uses to start colts, gentle mustangs, and advance performance horses in this 2 day horsemanship clinic. Madison will also be sharing her “5 Golden Rules” to effective human-equine communication that serve as a formula for evaluating and solving problem behavior, as well as taking your horsemanship to the next level. Participants will begin by learning relationship building exercises on the ground and will advance to learning control of the 5 body parts under-saddle for increased safety, softness, and performance.