Thank you Madison for sharing your knowledge of barrel racing during your clinic. I love that the foundation you believe in is lightness, collection and precise body control. I admire your gift to teach, your confidence and enthusiasm. You inspire your students to achieve, question and believe in their goals. I would recommend this clinic to anyone interested in the sport, whether you are a beginner or accomplished barrel racer. This is a one of a kind opportunity to learn, grow and follow your dreams!
— Paula
(Madison) is one of the most amazing horsewomen I’ve ever met: kind, articulate, intelligent, caring, and phenomenal with the horses and people. I have learned so much and Lux is loving it. I couldn’t have more respect for this woman, she needs the following of a Kardashian. Getting a formerly wild mustang to perform bridleless like this in a show atmosphere and to have him lay down with her at the end…wow. Worth watching again & again.
— Makendra Burns