Intro to Liberty Clinic
June 24th-25th / Norwood, CO

There is perhaps nothing more rewarding than developing a relationship with your horse that goes beyond the ropes; Join Madison as she reveals the secrets behind communicating to your horse at liberty! In this clinic, you will learn the necessary exercises to get horses to want to stay with you, come to you, mirror you, and more — all at their own free will!

June 24th-25th @ 9-5- Intro to Liberty Clinic - Norwood, CO

San Miguel County Fairgrounds, 1165 Summit St., Norwood, CO

Meet the Mustangs
June 23rd / Norwood, CO

Be educated, entertained, and inspired as Madison introduces you to her liberty team of formerly wild mustangs and takes you through the story and struggle of these living legends throughout American history. Learn how to understand the world from behind the eyes of the American Mustang — and all breeds of horses — as she discusses equine behavior and psychology through amazing liberty demonstrations. Then meet Zena and Zeus — some of the only liberty performing zebras in the world — and learn the similarities and differences between taming the wild: mustangs versus zebras. Afterwards, meet the mustangs and zebras up close and get pictures with your favorite team members!

June 23rd @ 6:30 - Meet the Mustangs - Norwood, CO

San Miguel County Fairgrounds, 11165 Summit St., Norwood, CO