Immersion Program (Feb 7-11, 2019 - Phoenix, AZ) Full Program Auditing Pass

Immersion Program (Feb 7-11, 2019 - Phoenix, AZ) Full Program Auditing Pass


Daisy Mountain Ranch
1227 E Cloud Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85086

February 7-11, 2019

You’ve asked, we’ve delivered! With an overwhelming amount of requests to shadow or intern Maddy, we’ve come up with a solution...

In February 2019, the first ever Mustang Maddy Immersion Program will launch. In this program, students will observe Maddy as she trains for 6 hours each day. Students will totally immerse themselves by watching her training methods for 5 days in a row with various challenging equines.

These will be real-life training scenarios that Maddy will be working through. True to her nature, Maddy will be exploring what’s possible and experimenting with revolutionary techniques as she continues to perfect her methods and find ways we can better honor the horse.

What Students Will Learn

Tools: Discover innovative tools to motivate and communicate with any equine.

Techniques: Understand how to implement training methods that seek to empower the horse.

Troubleshooting: Learn how to problem solve unwanted behavior and set the horse up for success in every scenario.

This program is for you if...

You want to see unedited, raw training in real time

You are looking for innovative techniques to add to your training toolbox that is scientifically based

You take an interest in working with horses at liberty and value the horse’s freedom and choice in training

You are interested in making training or teaching a career

A Few of My Training Projects for February

Terk, Tuari, Kodiak, Takoda, and Amira

Description: Watch fascinating herd dynamics as Maddy continues to advance her team of 5 previously wild mustangs and prepare for upcoming performances--all at liberty.

Zeus & Zena

Description: Observe exotic equine behavior as Maddy continues to strengthen the zebras’ skills at liberty and advance trick training.


Description: Learn how Maddy refines skills undersaddle to develop a soft, willing, and happy horse, plus understand her process to advance them at liberty.


Description: Maddy’s BLM mule offers a unique challenge! This training project will offer students insight on the process Maddy uses to start horses undersaddle and teach them to accept a rider on their back at their own free will.

Early bird pricing through 11/15/2018. Use discount code EARLYBIRD19 at checkout

** Daisy Mountain Ranch is located 36 miles north of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

** Auditors are responsible for meals, lodging, and transportation

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