2018 Workshops Schedule

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn one-on-one from Mustang Maddy through a lesson OR submit your problem horse for a training demonstration! Start by learning her 5 Golden Rules for horse-human communication. Then watch (or participate in) lessons in which Madison coaches students on a variety of horsemanship topics. Also watch Madison's demonstrations with difficult problem horses and even her team of animals, including previously wild mustangs and zebras!

The 5 Golden Rules Workshop

Sunday, January 28th, 2018, 9am–12pm

Daisy Mountain Ranch / 1227 E Cloud Rd / Phoenix, AZ 85086

(Part 1 of 3 of the Mustang Maddy Liberty Clinic Series)

Discover the secrets that gave Madison the tools she needed to train wild horses to ride without tack, perform amazing bridleless freestyles on American Mustangs just 100 days from wild, and develop relationships with zebras—considered by many to be untrainable. This workshop serves as a synopsis of Madison’s newly released book, The 5 Golden Rules to the Horse-Human Connection. Founded on age-old horsemanship practices, classical behaviorism studies, interpersonal communication skills, and intuitive leadership principles, the 5 Golden Rules are guaranteed to transform the way you think about horses and provide an easy-to-follow formula for success. Whether you are new to horses or compete at a high level, her formula will answer two essential questions for your horse: “What’s in it for me” and “What are you asking me to do?” Clearly addressing these two questions through Madison’s 5 Golden Rules will enhance any area of training with your horse and help you develop the relationship with your horse you’ve always dreamed of.

Madison will begin the workshop by giving a live lecture of her 5 Golden Rules, then she will put them into practice to showcase amazing liberty maneuvers with her zebras and mustangs.